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Biological Products

  • Save money on inputs while INCREASING yields and soil health!

  • Increase your crops health and ability to more effectively fight Stress, Insect Pressure, and Disease Pressure

SumaGroulx Segment on RFD-TV by American Farmer  (Segment 1)


  • Significant Yield Increase in every crop that has been tested to date, Includes vegetable crops, row crops (corn, soybeans, rice, cotton, etc.), forages, hay crops, and biofuel crops (Switchgrass, Cane).

  • Convert bound soil phosphorus into available phosphorous.

  • Significant Fertilizer Reduction or elimination in all crops tested.

  • Better Germination Rates, Faster Germination, Earlier Flowering, Earlier Maturation.

  • Increased Plant Nutrient Levels – Brix, Chlorophyll, Plant Proteins and Minerals.

  • Better Stress Tolerance – Drought, Transplant, Wind

  • Better Water Holding Capacity.

  • Prevents Fertilizer Runoff and reduces soil erosion.

  • Builds Soil Organic Matter.

  • Increase Carbon Sequestration.

SumaGroulx Segment on RFD-TV by American Farmer  (Segment 2)

To learn more contact us or visit SumaGroulx at

Kevin Schmitt       812-664-7752  
Jordan Schmitt      812-664-0194
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